Coopagua Water Treatment Plant

Santo Domingo, Chile

Coopagua is a private water firm that was once evaluated as the best sanitary company among other 19 similar companies assessed in 2007. Tsurumi B-series pumps are running in their Santo Domingo treatment plant to ï½”ransfer the wastewater.

Coopagua Santo Domingo treats the waste water and drinking water for the exclusive beach of Santo Domingo, located in the San Antonio province at 130 km from the main capital -Santiago de Chile.

This achievement (of being ranked first) was possible due its commitment to the environment and the use of equipment of the latest technology as the six B series Tsurumi pumps installed in their plants.

Coopagua Santo Domingo recently increased its capacity to reach the projections for 2009 for which they acquired two new TOS100B45.5. These pumps have been already in use.


Pumps with Channel Impeller Model : B [ 8 units ]

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