Environmental Policy

We will, in line with our corporate philosophy of "Being water- and people-friendly", drive the environment improvement activities and will supply the products needed for effective utilization of water, a precious resource, enforcing its environmental policy for the realization of "Amenity-centric Engineering for both People and the Earth".

We, at Osaka Headquarters, Tokyo Head Office, and all branch offices, will drive the activities according to the following policies:

  1. Making efforts for the promotion of the saving and recycling of resources throughout the business control and management in addition to the reduction in energy consumption to harmonize with the pleasant office environment.
  2. Making efforts in abiding strictly by the relevant laws and ordinances and the other requirements agreed upon, and in establishing new and appropriate standards as necessity arises for environmental preservation.
  3. Realizing the loads applied to the environment due to consumption of resources and energy, production of noise, disposal of wastes, etc. during the process of installing the equipment, and accordingly making continuous efforts for reducing the aforesaid loads.
  4. Making efforts for saving resources by reducing energy consumption through promotion of products lighter in weight and higher in efficiency.
  5. Making efforts in promoting and development of equipment and machines for sewage contaminated water disposal in order to make effective use of water and to contribute to environmental improvement.
  6. Carrying out environmental improvement activities in compliance with the environmental management program by setting up environmental objectives and targets in order to accomplish the environmental policies.
  7. Basically every member of Tsurumi shall take part in the environmental improvement activities. Further, each member shall be given enlightenment and correct information on the importance of environmental improvement and shall be educated to remember our original purpose or motto.