For The Earth, For All The People 地球のために、かかわるすべての人のために

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Tsurumi’s 100th Anniversary


Tsurumi is proudly celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in a spirit of gratitude to the stakeholders who made the milestone possible.

We supply technologies for safeguarding and controlling water. Our pump business began with an agricultural pump and grew to encompass a line of products that support infrastructure in an array of fields, from everyday life to industry and nature, in line with our philosophy of “Being water- and people-friendly.” Water is the source of life, and it’s inseparable from our lives.

During an era that demands we all take steps to realize a sustainable society, our pumps are expected to deliver an even more remarkable level of performance. Our mission remains unchanged: supplying safe water to as many people as possible, protecting people’s lives from disasters caused by extreme weather, and safeguarding the global environment by using limited water resources effectively and continuing to passionately embrace the challenge of “Being water- and people-friendly” during the next 100 years of our journey.

Having paused to reflect on—and redouble our commitment to—what’s truly important, we’re now embarking on that journey, and we look forward to your continued guidance and support as we do so.

Osamu Tsujimoto



For The Earth, For All The People 地球のために、かかわるすべての人のために

Slogan background

As we are all called upon to resolve a variety of challenges so that humankind can realize sustainable development, Tsurumi has embarked on the next 100 years of its journey with a focus on society and the environment.

We will work towards business and corporate growth by contributing to the resolution of issues facing society around the twin axes of For The Earth and For All The People as we look to realize a sustainable society.

Our brand slogan reflects these two areas of focus.


We will reduce CO2 emissions from our business operations by adopting renewable energy, reducing plastic waste, using substitute materials, adapting to the digitization transformation, and introducing environment-friendly vehicles in the years leading up to 2030.


As we approach 2030, we will revitalize our corporate culture by supporting employee motivation while contributing to greater peace of mind among the members of society.

Corporate Philosophy

Being water- and people-friendly


Founding 1924-1961
Growth 1961-1998
Expansion 1998-to

Founding 1924-1961

Improving and enriching farmers’ lives with pumps

新製品開発は、借金しては良いものができない、100円のお金で30円の商売をする 新製品開発は、借金しては良いものができない、100円のお金で30円の商売をする

First president


Founding Tsurumi Shokai at the tender age of 24

Tsurumi’s founder resolved to build a business manufacturing and selling agricultural machinery to improve and enrich farmers’ lives by making it easier to do the farmwork with which he himself had struggled.

Growth 1961-1998

Completing a new Headquarters building and accelerating operational and business reforms

現場へ行け。クレームから逃げるな。全力でぶつかれ。 現場へ行け。クレームから逃げるな。全力でぶつかれ。

Second president


Took office in 1961

The new president dealt with serious management issues, including strengthening manufacturing and development structures and putting in place a domestic sales network, as markets expanded rapidly nationwide during an era of rapid economic growth.

Expansion 1998-to present

Accelerating globalization

何もしないことが、最大のリスク。 何もしないことが、最大のリスク。

Third and current


Took office in 1998

Tsurumi will strive continuously to pioneer new ways forward while focusing on the future in an effort to contribute to the global environment through its pump technology.


Efforts we are making in the name of sustainable development

Tsurumi provides technologies for controlling and safeguarding water, which is intrinsically inseparable from human life and activity. These technologies were born from the hydraulics of submersible pumps, similar to the way that life on earth originated in the sea, and are regularly being innovated to better serve those who work under challenging conditions and to ensure that water can be used beneficially by all. So much so, "Being water- and people-friendly" is the guiding principle behind everything Tsurumi offers. The bottom-line is that we view environmental protection as a mission and undertake SDG activities with our sights set on "Amenity-centric Engineering for both People and the Earth".

Helping to make communities safe

Tsurumi is helping communities build their water infrastructure by developing and supplying a wide variety of submersible pumps and other products. Vastly experienced and knowledgeable, we can propose and provide the best solutions of both products and services, for each unique set of issues in every country and market.


Human resource development

Tsurumi is also promoting workstyle reform. We offer equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, or physical/mental challenges, and are focused on developing both the individual and our organization so that everyone can do their job to the best of their abilities and find a career path that best suits them.


Conversion to clean energy

To reduce our CO2 emissions and environmental loads, we are introducing environment-friendly vehicles and switching all of our power sources to renewable energies.

エネルギーをみんなに そしてクリーンに
作る責任 使う責任

Company profile video and pamphlet
commemorating the 100th anniversary of Tsurumi’s founding

Company profile pamphlet
commemorating Tsurumi’s 100th anniversary

For The Earth, For All The People

Tsurumi will continue its journey together with water to ensure our planet will continue to foster and safeguard health and life.

We will adapt to the changing global environment, refine the technologies we’ve accumulated to date, and pioneer new ways forward.

We at Tsurumi will continue to embrace the challenges that lie before us so that we can realize a rich, fulfilling, and comfortable society in the future.

さあ、次の100年へ 100th Anniversary