Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We will, in line with our corporate philosophy of "Being water- and people-friendly", drive the environment improvement activities and will supply the products needed for effective utilization of water, a precious resource, enforcing its environmental policy for the realization of "Amenity-centric Engineering for both People and the Earth".

Environmental Policy

All activities at our Osaka Headquarters, Tokyo Head Office and other business sites are conducted under the following policy.

  1. Conserve resources and encourage recycling across all business flows and operations, and reduce energy consumption without sacrificing workplace comfort.
  2. Observe all environmental laws, regulations and obligations, and, where necessary, make our own additional rules to better protect the environment.
  3. When installing pumps and other equipment, take measures so as not to impact the surrounding community, including to keep resource use, power consumption and noise to a minimum, and recycle waste as much as possible.
  4. As a contribution to environmental improvements everywhere are products are used, make and promote environment-friendly products that are more efficient, weigh less, consume less power and require fewer resources to manufacture and install.
  5. Continuously prevent pollution and reduce risks thereof both inside and outside of the company, and review results every year to seek improvements.
  6. To successfully implement this environmental policy, set environmental goals and targets, and conduct environmental improvement activities in line with corporate environmental management programs.
  7. Impart the environmental training needed for employees to develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

In full recognition of the potential environmental impacts of factory operations, activities at our Kyoto Plant are conducted under the following policy.

  1. Observe all laws, regulations and agreements concerning environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  2. Prevent environmental pollution from our business activities focusing on submersible pumps and continuously improve our environmental management system.
  3. Make our entire workforce aware of the importance of environmental improvement activities and active in those activities.
  4. Set environmental goals and targets, especially in the following areas.
    • (1) Development of energy- and resource-saving products
    • (2) Reduction of defects and effective utilization of resources
    • (3) Thorough waste separation and recycling