Corporate compliance and governance at Tsurumi

Compliance Activities

We have formalized the below Code of Conduct for all officers and employees of the Tsurumi Group both in Japan and abroad from the perspectives of compliance and social ethics.

Basic attitude toward business activities

  • Keep all business activities in line with our corporate philosophy and observe all related laws and regulations, rules of hosting local communities, internal rules and this Code of Conduct.
  • Use any personal information obtained during the course of business for business purposes only and properly manage said information so that it is not leaked or privacy is not otherwise infringed upon.
  • Show respect for basic human rights and do not commit any acts that are discriminatory, hurt anyone's dignity or constitute any form of harassment. Also, when recruiting employees, observe all local laws and regulations.
  • Keep relationships and dealings with all stakeholders fair.
  • Do not commit any acts that might tarnish the Group's trust or reputation or that are self-serving or to the benefit of third parties but not in the interest of the Company.
  • Promptly report anyone who violates or might violate this Code of Conduct.
Tsurumi Group Code of Conduct

System of Corporate Governance

Tsurumi has established the below Basic Policy on Corporate Governance. It requires us to always be conscious of the position of our shareholders and other stakeholders, and to practice corporate governance so that our decision-making processes are transparent, structured and decisive, and constructively promote sustainable growth and improve our corporate value over the mid to long-term.

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

  1. Ensure the rights and equality of shareholders.
  2. Collaborate appropriately with stakeholders other than shareholders.
  3. Disclose information properly and ensure transparency.
  4. Hold the Board of Directors accountable.
  5. Dialog with shareholders.
Corporate Governance (Japanese Website)