Major Production Bases : Yonago Plant

Yonago Plant

The Yonago Plant manufactures pumps for water supply and sewerage systems and agricultural irrigations that support life lines, condenser vacuum pumps for power facilities such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and geothermal power plants, as well as liquid ring vacuum pumps to be used for degassing, distillation and the like for the petrochemical industry in the industrial fields, and liquid ring compressors to pump various gas. Recently, we have been undertaking manufacturing of the products that are useful in the biofuel purification process to reduce environmental loads.

Yonago Plant

2700, Yomi-cho, Yonago-city,
Tottori 683-0851, Japan
Phone : 81-859-29-0811
Fax : 81-859-24-0602

ISO Certification/Registration Status

Molding Research Building

1, Maruyama, Nanbu-cho,
Tottori 683-0211, Japan
Phone : 81-859-48-3700

Aming to Improve Our Ability of Creative Design and Manufacturing

In order to provide even better products to our customers, we at the Tsurumi Manufacturing Yonago Plant are taking steps to improve our design creativity and manufacturing strength by promoting CAD/CAM/CAE and using the Fluid Research Facility's experimental research labs for measurements and analyses. Moreover, because of the promises it offers as a new manufacturing method, we introduced a state-of-the-art Sand Casting Additive Manufacturing Device (3D Printer) at our Molding Research Building and are using it every day in research aimed at "producing high quality, dimensionally accurate castings in a short amount of time", and "promoting the digital transformation of our manufacturing practices".

  • Turning Center

  • Five-face Machining Center

  • Horizontal Boring Machine

  • We manufacture the highest class of submersible pump made in Japan at our Yonago Plant.

Testing Area

In our Testing Area, we have an 11 m-deep testing tank that holds 3,500m³ and 3,100m³ of water. It allows us to manufacture and test drainage pumps with a 2,000 mm discharge bore, dry standby columnar pumps, and liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors of more than 600 mm in diameter.

Molding Research Building

At our Molding Research Building, research is being conducted into sand molding using a Sand Casting Additive Manufacturing Device (3D Printer).

Example Sand Casting for a Vacuum Pump Impeller

  • Sand Casting

  • Casted Impeller

Fluid Research Building

At our Fluid Research Building, we support high-quality manufacturing by using simulation software to visualize castings and search for flaws therein, and 3D measuring instruments to verify shape accuracy.

  • Flow Analysis

  • Solidification Analysis

  • Shrinkage Analysis

  • Three-dimensional Measuring Instrument

  • Luminescence Spectrometry Machine

  • Universal Testing Machine

Training Building / Office Building

The first floor holds the training conference room, with the offices located on the second.
The design department, using 3DCAD, creates efficient designs.