Production Technology

Molding Technologies for Resin Components

The strength of a resin component is determined not only by the shape but also by the flow direction of the material. Using resin flow analysis, Tsurumi examines the flow condition and the shape in order to secure the predetermined strength and to enhance the productivity.

  • Examining Fill Time

  • Examining Weld Line

Utilization of CAM

Utilizing a model that has been produced by 3-dimensional CAD, a program that operates an NC machine is being made by CAM. Tsurumi uses the jigs necessary to machining, review the machining program by a simulation, solves any problem, then operate the NC machine efficiently.

Machining Simulation by CAM

Measuring Technology

The impeller and the pump casing are those that determine the pump performance. Recently, the pumps are required to have higher efficiencies, and the shapes of these parts are becoming complicate and 3-dimensionsal. In the past, only characteristic lengths were measured by gauges, however, use of measuring instruments have enabled us to measure more precisely, more extensively, yet more quickly, which have made it us possible to produce high quality and high precision component parts.

  • Measurement of Vacuum Pump Impeller

  • Measurement of Screw Pump Impeller

Shrinkage Fitting of Impeller and Shaft

For a liquid ring pump as an example, the method of "Shrinkage Fitting" may be used to joint an impeller and a shaft together. It is a method that the impeller is thermally expanded (the shaft hole shall be enlarged), and after inserting the shaft, the impeller shall fit tightly to the shaft after cooling.
With this method, the impeller may suffer adverse effects such as strain, depending on the way of heating, heating temperature, and the temperature distribution, etc. To supply high and stable quality product, Tsurumi conducts the jointing works by reviewing the condition of every factor through the visualization of the temperature using a thermography.

  • Temperature Distribution in Impeller after Heating but Before Inserting the Shaft (The shaft hole is located near the center.)

  • Temperature Distribution in Impeller, looking from the Shaft Hole

  • Temperature Distribution in Impeller, looking from its Side