Being water- and people-friendly

Water is essential to human life. Understanding the importance of water, Tsurumi is committed to providing technologies for controlling and protecting it. Our company traces its beginnings to a project to improve harsh conditions in a farming village by providing vertical irrigation pumps 90 years ago. Later during Japan's period of recovery and rebuilding following World War II, Tsurumi was the first domestic company to establish submersible pump technology. During the country's subsequent period of high economic growth, we contributed to the expansion of many industrial sectors by assisting in the development of social infrastructure and through water-related urban planning and flood control projects. By the end of the 20th century, Tsurumi was participating in numerous historic, large-scale projects such as the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, and our technical capabilities had come to be well regarded both domestically and internationally.

As our times change, so does the role that Tsurumi is expected to play. Today we continue to honor our corporate philosophy of "Being water- and people-friendly." We value creativity, harmony, and passion, and we are committed to challenging ourselves to act in a spirit of boldness and daring. It is in this frame of mind that we move into the 21st century, ready to work even harder to provide more ideal solutions in the drive to achieve a recycling-based society where people can live in comfort with peace of mind.

President Osamu Tsujimoto