Major Production Bases : Kyoto Plant

Kyoto Plant

Tsurumi's Kyoto Plant production facility boasts industry-leading scale and equipment, including extensive testing and research facilities. Its integrated system encompasses all product stages from development to production and is capable of manufacturing small, large, and special-purpose pumps.
Precision measurements are taken in the laboratory and at key points along our manufacturing lines to enable unified, precise, and qualitative management of product quality and performance. Collected data is used in product development as well as quality control.

Kyoto Plant

1-1, Kaminaranagaike, Yawata-city,
Kyoto 614-8163, Japan
Phone : +81-75-971-0831
Fax : +81-75-971-1316

ISO Certification/Registration Status

High-Quality Products Produced in an Amenity-rich Environment

  • Parts Storage

    A multi-story automatic storage having about 9,500 shelves Components received are stored here temporary.

  • Machine-Processing Shop

    Various kinds of casting materials are machined by 50 processing machines.

  • Parts Distribution System

    A system that distributes required components efficiently to the assembly lines in accordance with the production orders.

  • Assembly Lines

    4 assembly lines from No.1 to No.4

  • Performance Test Apparatus for Medium Size Special Pumps

    Custom-designed pumps of up to 200mm are tested here.

  • Assembly Place for Large Pumps

    We can assemble pumps with a height of more than 10 meters at this shop.

Tests of Super-large 3000mm-Pumps and High-altitude Tests up to 44 Meters.

Kyoto plant is equipped with a large water tank for testing super-large pumps of 3,000mm discharge bore and a 44m-hightower for experiments. It is also provided with expansive laboratories and experiment rooms for test of product life as well as advanced research and development work of new technologies and pumps.