Major Production Bases : Taiwan Plant

Taiwan Plant

The Taiwan Plant, built as the first overseas plant of Tsurumi in 1997, started the production at the new plant in November, 2012 after moving to Pingzhen Dist, Taoyuan City.
With total floor space of 4,600 square meters situated on a lot of 6,620 square meters, the Taiwan plant manufactures small-sized submersible pumps as the main product.
The solar panels are installed on the roof, aiming for a green plant.


No.118, Lane 1191, Donglong St. Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 32466, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone : +886-3-450-3190
Fax : +886-3-450-3303

Various know-how are utilized at every part of the plant

Production line / Quality Control areas
  • Production line

    The three production lines have a daily capacity of 1,200 units.

  • Maintenance area

    Specialized technical staff and a complete spare parts inventory provide our customers with optimum after-sales service and maximum product value for the longest possible time.

  • Quality Control areas

    Every step of the process, from components in, to finished products out, is strictly controlled to create the perfect product every time.

  • Labeling area

    Automatic packaging and barcode printing for precise control of production batches.

Shipping dock / Logistics warehouse
  • Shipping dock

    The products are to be shipped from here not only to Japan. but also to all over the world.

  • Automatic storage

    This 1,440-gird automated storage ensures high occupancy, lower cost for us and you, and first-in-first-out storage management.

  • Logistics warehouse

    The logistics warehouses is fully computerized and has 2,000 storage units. The principle of first-in-out is employed, to ensure proper turnover.

  • Accessories storage area

    Effcient stock management of spare parts and accessories. Supply and demand is properly balanced for the greatest effciency.

Training / Office
  • Our operations are synchronized with those of our parent cpmpany in Japan to produce the finest products for sale worldwide.

  • From here we provide comprehensive service to satisfy the needs of our customers.

  • Our training center, has a capacity of 70 people. We not only do training but also hold social activities at the center.