Cavitation Test & Analysis

If a cavitation occurs during a pump operation, it will cause performance drop and/or erosion. We aim at improving the reliability of the pumps through fluid analysis and various types of tests.

  • High-Speed Camera

  • Video Camera

Structural Analysis for Pumps

Tsurumi is practicing to review the structure and the shape by using a structural analysis, in order to realize lightening and higher performances of the pumps.

  • Strength Verification for a Pump Casing

  • Displacement Verification for a Vacuum Pump Impeller

Natural Vibration Analysis for Pumps

If the natural frequency of the pump armonizes with the excitation frequency of its rotating component during operation, this may bring up a resonance, which may result in an excessive vibration of the unit. Tsurumi analyzes the natural frequency when designing and conducts the structure investigation to prevent the resonance.

  • Intermediate Coupling of a Multiple-Bed Type Pump

  • Vibration Mode of the Intermediate Coupling of a Mixed-Flow Pump

Suction Tank Test / Analysis

At a large lift station, an air-sucking vortex or a submerged vortex may occur if the pump is not properly located or if the shape of the tank is complicated. It may give a harmful effect on the pump as the result. If it is considered that such vortex is likely to occur, Tsurumi conducts a simulation or utilize a fluid analysis, and can propose an appropriate precautionary measure.

  • Simulated Submerged Vortex

  • Vortex Control

Reviewing the stirring state in the Tank

Flow analysis will help us to understand the water current and the velocity distribution in the tank at an early stage of the product development, and also it will play an important role as the basic data for the verification experiments of real unit.

  • Vector Locus near the Tank Bottom

  • Water Current in the Whole Area of the Tank