The Tsurumi technologies that keep evolving. Tsurumi keeps on evolving the technologies to protect and control water.

Tsurumi has been developing an extensive lineup of product that are excellent in durability and operability, and that meet various needs and applications including energy-saving capability, through its many years of technical development knowhow. The product born from these technical know-how have been adopted by major national projects such as, caisson immersion work of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, and construction and subsequent anti-subsidence countermeasures at Kansai International Airport, etc. The Tsurumi technologies have thus received higher reputations through these facts.
Tsurumi technologies keep on evolving unceasingly toward realizing the amenity-centric engineering for both people and the earth.

Future Additive Manufacturing for 3D Sand Casting

The latest technologies are an active part of what we do.

Sustainability Challenge

By employing fluid analysis, Tsurumi is realizing downsizing and energy-saving as a result of increasing the efficiency.


Tsurumi is striving for the reliability improvement of the product through fluid analysis and various types of tests.

Production Technology

Utilizing NC machines and various measuring instruments, Tsurumi is producing high quality and high precision pump components.

Product Technology

The Tsurumi product is giving excellent performances through the Oil Lifter and the corrosion-resistance technology.