Fluid Analysis and Efficiency Improvement for Pumps

Efficiency Improvement

By using a fluid analysis, we optimize the shape of impeller while watching the pressure and velocity distribution carefully. Moreover, we are realizing the coexistence of higher velocity and efficiency by making the impeller match the pump casing.

Pump Downsizing

Technology for Downsizing (Double-Suction Pump)

Tsurumi is proceeding with downsizing and lightening through the reduction of wall thickness using a 3-dimensional structural analysis, and yet maintains the performance by using a fluid analysis. As a result, mass of the product has been greatly reduced.

Visualization of Liquid Ring Pump Technologies

A liquid ring pump has an impeller that is eccentric to the casing. When rotated, it generates a crescent-shaped gas layer that sucks and compresses the gas. Because it is a two-phase flow system that handles gas and fluid at the same time, there are many parameters that influence characteristics, so it is a highly technical pump. The shape of the gas-liquid boundary surface is a very important parameter for the pump’s characteristics. It has been technically elucidated to improve the pump’s reliability.

  • Operating Principle of Liquid Ring Pump

  • Visualization Techniques for the flow in a Liquid Ring Pump

Analysis Techniques for Liquid Ring Pump

  • Speed Vector of the Sealing Liquid

  • Analysis of the Gas-Liquid Boundary Surface