Corporate History


The company was founded at Hanaten-town, Higashinari-County, Osaka, under the name of "Tsurumi Shokai", and started manufacturing TDL-series agriculture-use vertical shaft pumps.


It was incorporated as a limited company, "Tsurumi Manufacturing Company, Limited". Developed 2-stage vertical shaft pumps (TDW-series) for construction dewatering use and launched to the market.

1953 to 1954

Developed the first "submersible" pump series, EP-series (EP-75 and EP-100)

Pump models sold in 1955 to 1959

The first submersible pump EP-series


Opened Osaka Sales Office and Tokyo Sales Office
(currently Kinki Branch Office and Tokyo Branch Office)


Developed new, light-weight, dry-type motors to replace conventional oil-filled motor A KB-series pump incorporating a dry-type motor

1964 to 1965

Developed a new submersible pump with a built-in circle thermal protector for the first time in the industry The KR-model launched in January, 1965


Opened Sapporo Sales Office
(currently Hokkaido Branch Office)


Opened Fukuoka Sales Office
(currently Kyushu Branch Office)


TB-model, the Tsurumi's first float-type submersible automatic pump with a built-in automatic control circuit (150W)


Opened Nagoya and Hokuriku Sales Office (currently Chubu and Hokuriku Branch Office) Factory for small-sized pumps and automatic painting system