Efforts we are making in the name of sustainable development

Tsurumi provides technologies for controlling and safeguarding water, which is intrinsically inseparable from human life and activity. These technologies were born from the hydraulics of submersible pumps, similar to the way that life on earth originated in the sea, and are regularly being innovated to better serve those who work under challenging conditions and to ensure that water can be used beneficially by all. So much so, "Being water- and people-friendly" is the guiding principle behind everything Tsurumi offers. The bottom-line is that we view environmental protection as a mission and undertake SDG activities with our sights set on "Amenity-centric Engineering for both People and the Earth".

What are SDGs?

Short for Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs are environmental, economic and social goals to be achieved by 2030. They were adopted at a UN Summit in 2015 by 193 nations and consist of 17 goals and 169 targets premised on a commitment to "leaving no one behind". SDGs are universally applied not only to developing countries but also to developed countries.

Sustainable Development Goals

Tsurumi's SDG Efforts and Brand Slogan

In light of the need to address various global issues and contribute to sustainable development, Tsurumi has launched initiatives focused primarily on the environment and humanity as our main preoccupations for the next 100 years.
In order to support the emergence of a society committed to sustainability, we are contributing solutions to societal issues centered on two central pillars: our planet Earth and all of humanity. These represent the foundation of our brand slogan.

  • For The Earth
  • For All The People
Being water- and people-friendly
Brand Slogan For The Earth, For All The People

Examples of Tsurumi's SDG efforts

Helping to make communities safe

Tsurumi is helping communities build their water infrastructure by developing and supplying a wide variety of submersible pumps and other products. Vastly experienced and knowledgeable, we can propose and provide the best solutions of both products and services, for each unique set of issues in every country and market.

Our submersible automatic dewatering pumps with electrode type relay unit are used mainly at construction sites. They turn on and off automatically, running only when a high water level is detected, so they can reduce about 40% of the CO2 emissions compared with non-automatic pumps (Tsurumi comparison). They are helping to cut back on CO2 emissions at construction sites around the world.

Submersible column pump (SSP-series)
Submersible column pump

Used at pumping stations, our axial-flow and mixed-flow pumps are protecting lives and livelihoods against flooding by lowering rising water levels during typhoons and downpours. Moreover, our submersible column pumps allow pumping stations to be built smaller, which reduces environmental loads during the construction process. These are just a few of the ways that Tsurumi is helping to both protect the environment and keep communities safe.

Conventional pumping station
Conventional pumping station
Next-generation pumping station
Next-generation pumping station
For more information about SSP-series pump, watch the promo video. (Japanese)

Human resource development

Tsurumi is also promoting workstyle reform. We offer equal opportunities regardless of age, gender or physical/mental challenges, and are focused on developing both the individual and our organization so that everyone can do their job to the best of their abilities and find a career path that best suits them.
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Conversion to clean energy

To reduce our CO2 emissions and environmental loads, we are introducing environment-friendly vehicles and switching all of our power sources to renewable energies.
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We will continue to address each and every social issue in order to find effective solutions.