Brand Slogan

For The Earth, For All The People

About our brand slogan

In light of the need to address various global issues and contribute to sustainable development, Tsurumi has launched initiatives focused primarily on the environment and humanity as our main preoccupations for the next 100 years.
In order to support the emergence of a society committed to sustainability, we are contributing solutions to societal issues centered on two central pillars: our planet Earth and all of humanity. These represent the foundation of our brand slogan.

  • For The Earth
  • For All The People
Being water- and people-friendly
Brand Slogan For The Earth, For All The People

Efforts we are making in the name of sustainable development

Tsurumi provides technologies for controlling and safeguarding water, which is intrinsically inseparable from human life and activity. These technologies were born from the hydraulics of submersible pumps, similar to the way that life on earth originated in the sea, and are regularly being innovated to better serve those who work under challenging conditions and to ensure that water can be used beneficially by all. So much so, "Being water- and people-friendly" is the guiding principle behind everything Tsurumi offers. The bottom-line is that we view environmental protection as a mission and undertake SDG activities with our sights set on "Amenity-centric Engineering for both People and the Earth".