Our commitment to the community

A Happy Workforce

Motivation and diversity efforts

Diversity in the workplace is viewed as a positive thing at Tsurumi. This is the impetus behind efforts to motivate our workforce and make working at Tsurumi more rewarding through programs to recruit and promote women, help our employees find the best work-life balance and employ the physically or mentally challenged.

Motivation and diversity efforts
  • Proactively recruiting and developing women as key human resources
  • Minimizing overtime work
  • Creating a corporate environment where men and women alike can balance work with family
  • For specific programs, see our action plans for employment programs.

Action plans for employment programs (Japanese Website)

< Support for work-life balance >

At Tsurumi, we are always looking for ways to improve the workplace environment to our employees' liking.

2021 EruboshiEruboshi "L-star" (2 stars) certified
2021 Nagoya City Work-Life Balance Promotion Company"Nagoya City Work-Life Balance Promotion Company" certified
2019 Happy Partner CompanyNiigata Prefecture "Happy Partner Company" registered
2018 Childcare Support CompanyNagoya City "Childcare Support Company" certified
2016 Leading Company in Women's ParticipationOsaka City "Leading Company in Women's Participation" certified

< Hiring of physically / mentally challenged >

Since 2016, Tsurumi has been hiring persons with physical/mental challenges for telework positions, on the belief that they, too, should be afforded the opportunity to exhibit their skills and participate in society. By providing these persons with a personal computer and internet connection, they are able to work from home unimpeded, which greatly improved obstacles presented by communications and commuting. This in turn expanded the company's recruitment range across the entire country and opened up job opportunities to a wider range of people. Currently, we have challenged persons engaged in all sorts of business activities including digitalization of drawings and documents, translation, CAD, data entry, programming, cleaning and more. Moreover, to help our challenged employees be more autonomous and participate in society on deeper levels, we created a new Business Support Department in our subsidiary Tsurumi Technology Service Co., Ltd. and had the company approved as a special subsidiary company on April 1, 2021. We will continue our teleworking opportunities and support operations in order to employ persons with physical/mental challenges in the Tsurumi Group.

Hiring of physically/mentally challenged
  • * Number of challenged employees (Total of those who commute and telework)
  • As of June 2021: 20 (2.41% of total workforce)
    (Including special subsidiary company, Tsurumi Technology Service Co., Ltd.)

Tsurumi's proactive efforts to employ challenged persons was recognized and commended in September 2020 by the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers.

Employee training and education

As part of employee training and education, Tsurumi imparts various classes at periodic intervals every year, beginning with our new recruit training program. The company also provides constructive support for acquiring work related qualifications through correspondence courses, seminars and other learning formats.

< Compliance training >

  • Safe driving training
  • Classes in the Antitrust Law, Act against Delay in Payment, etc., to Subcontractors, and other laws
  • Classes in laws concerning antisocial forces, insider trading and international business
Employee training and education

< Training in corporate defined contribution pensions >

Tsurumi holds seminars for employees on pension programs and asset-building for retirement. They have been recognized by the NPO DC iDeCo Association as a proactive effort to educate employees about asset management and to close the gap between employee needs and program content, because we tune the content to a level that employees can comprehend. That evaluation landed Tsurumi the DC Excellent Company award from that same NPO. Going forward, Tsurumi will upgrade employee training in asset management in line with needs and circumstances.

DC Excellent Company award commended
2019 DC Excellent Company award commended

As a Part of the Local Community

Participation in blood drives

For more than ten years, Tsurumi has organized blood drives through the Red Cross Blood Center as an important activity in support of healthcare in our hosting communities. Learning that blood supplies were running low, we conducted blood drives in 2021 with ample precautions taken against Covid-19, first at our Osaka Headquarters in October and again in December at our Yonago Plant.

Participation in blood drives

Preservation of the natural environment

Tsurumi collaborated in the production of the documentary "SOS! Drain the Pond" that was broadcast by a TV Tokyo affiliate station. The program told the story of a long-neglected pond and the monumental task of cleaning it up, mapping its ecosystem and protecting any endangered species there encountered. Tsurumi's products like our submersible pumps and high-pressure washers were used at the site.

Collaboration in "SOS! Drain the Pond" (Japanese Website)
Preservation of the natural environment

Activities in the sporting world

The Japan Canoe Federation was founded to obviously promote canoeing as a sport, but it is also committed to protecting waterfront environments by promoting the wonders of nature and clean water campaigns. Their activities aimed at popularizing canoeing sports are premised on the fact that canoeing fosters a healthy mind and body, and can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. As a company that prides itself on "Being water- and people-friendly", Tsurumi supports efforts to popularize canoeing as a sport, as an official sponsor of the Japan Canoe Federation.

Activities in the sporting world