Top-of-the-Line Submersible Sewage Pumps with an IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor TSURUMI AVANT MQ-series

Feb, 2022

Top-of-the-Line Submersible Sewage Pumps with an IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor TSURUMI AVANT MQ-series

Getting better energy efficiency from your pumps is a gateway not only to lower running costs but also measurable energy-savings. The TSURUMI AVANT MQ-series improves efficiency from end to end by pairing an optimally designed pump with an IE3 premium efficiency motor to deliver the maximum performance for the matched duty point.

Japan's premier manufacturer of submersible pumps

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells pumps and related equipment under the Tsurumi Pump brand name, submersible pumps being key products. Since its foundation in 1924, for over 95 years, Tsurumi has led the industry as an innovative driver in the field of submersible pumps by putting itself in the user's shoes when it comes to product development and design.
TSURUMI AVANT is a new product brand developed by Tsurumi with an eye on the future of the pump and wastewater treatment equipment markets. The strong-selling MQ-series that Tsurumi pairs with an IE3 premium efficiency motor is positioned on the high end of the brand. Since efficiency has been pursued with both the pump and the motor, the MQ-series improves overall efficiency, which, for users, translates into significant energy-savings.



  • Discharge Bore: 50 - 600 mm
  • Motor Output: 1.8 - 355 kW

Customizable to virtually every need

The MQ-series comes in a diverse lineup with discharge bores of 50 - 600 mm, motor outputs of 1.8 - 355 kW and 5 kinds of impellers -- Open Channel, Chopper, Vortex, Grinder or High Head. Moreover, each pump is made to order as users choose customizable features like the material key parts are made of, cable type and length, protective and monitoring sensors, paint and withstand high temperature liquids. Pumps can also be selected according to the planned place of installation, between a WET version engineered for submersing in water and a DRY version built with a closed loop cooling system with internal recirculation that enables dry-running operation indoors or outside of tanks. Furthermore, the MQ-series meets IECEx requirements for explosion-proofing, so they can be used in dry pits and other sites where explosive atmospheres are possible.

Original motor cooling system

The DRY version of the MQ-series cools the motor by circulating a water-glycol mix in a specially designed closed loop circuit. This coolant is circulated within the circuit where it remains separated from sewerage, by a compact axial flow impeller mounted on the shaft. So, there is no need to worry about wastewater infiltrating the oil chamber if the mechanical seals become worn.


A quick and easy way to select your pump

Tsurumi has greatly simplified the complicated process of selecting a pump with TASS, the Tsurumi Avant Selection System. With the TASS software or app, you can search and view pumps online anytime, anywhere. You simply start by selecting your duty point, then click or tap your way through the latest product specifications, performance curves, and data sheets that show you dimensions, motor data and so forth. Plus, you can register and instantly get full access to TASS just as easily from a smartphone as from a PC by downloading the app.

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Engineering for a more sustainable world

The TSURUMI AVANT brand embodies Tsurumi's corporate philosophy of "being water- and people-friendly". With the energy-savings of the MQ-series and the paperless ordering of the TASS app, Tsurumi is taking concrete steps to conserve resources and help realize sustainable lifestyles and business practices. Understanding how water is an inseparable part of human life and endeavor, Tsurumi remains fully committed to supplying products and technologies that enable users to protect and control this valuable resource. For more information, contact Tsurumi Manufacturing.

All series and models are indicated with Tsurumi codes.



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