750 W Model Newly Added to LSC-series Pump!

Aug, 2022

New 750 W model joins the LSC residue drainage pump series!
With a higher maximum head, it sucks residue to drain deeper and farther spots!

Since its foundation in Japan in 1924, Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture and sales of various pumps including submersible pumps as key products, environmental devices and related equipment.

Tsurumi LSC-series, submersible single-phase compact residue drainage pump, which has a long-standing reputation in the construction market and for discharging water from flooded basements, is now available with a 750 W motor, the LSC2.75S model. With a maximum head (17 m) 42% higher than that of the conventional 480 W model, LSC2.75S sucks residue to drain spots deeper in the ground and farther from the pump than ever.
Equipped with a specially designed bottom plate, the LSC-series pumps drain residue down to the lowest water level of 1 mm. This feature makes them suitable to suck out a small amount of residue and pools of water in small hollows.
Other features of the LSC-series include a reverse-flow prevention mechanism, which prevents the sucked water from flowing back when you turn off the pump, and a multi-directional hose coupling, which enables easy switching, only with a wrench, in the discharge direction between vertical and inclined.
As with the conventional 480 W model, the LSC2.75S model is a compact, lightweight and easy to use submersible pump with excellent maintainability and durability. Its flow-thru design provides forced cooling of the motor to support long hours of continuous duty at a low water level. This new model is safe for use in the rental, civil engineering, and construction markets, which require high product durability and reliability.

Tsurumi has many other pumps engineered to perform reliably and durably under harsh job site conditions. Whatever your pumping needs, contact Tsurumi.

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