ICE (InterCity Express) Project


More than 30 units of Tsurumi dewatering pumps were adopted by the consortium that undertook the construction project for ICE. The project involved the building of station building and railway track laying connecting Cologne-Bonn Airport.

Many of these pumps had to work for 24-hour snore mode.

Building station building project Lot C
Contractor:Bilfinger & Berger AG Drainage Works:Biergans Pumpen-Vertrieb GmbH, Duisburg

Railway Track Laying Project Lot 3
Contractor : Consortium of Wayess & Freytag Ingenieubau AG and E. Heit-kamp GmbH, F.C. Trapp AG
Drainage Works : Biergans Pumpen-Vertrieb GmbH, Duisburg and Smet GWT N.V., Dessel, Belgium a small puddle(JV)


Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
Portable Dewatering Pumps Model : LB
LB-480 [ 1 unit ]
Portable Residue Dewatering Pumps Model : LSC
LSC1.4S [ 1 unit ]

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