East Butterwick Pump Station


A pump station, which is in East Butterwick, North Lincolnshire, Great Britain, have been renovated. The pump station was built after the Second World War and is used to pump off flood water.

In 1981, a Tsurumi distributor equipped this pump station with two TO500B855 units, each with a 55kW power rating. 900 litres per second is moved at a height of 4.5m. The operating range should additionally be between 0m and 7.5m. Although the pumps have run for 23 years without failure or need for spare parts, the Messingham Internal Drainage Board decided in 2004 that the pumps had reached the end of their lifespan.

Again, the distributor won the bid. The solution that was offered was simple and inexpensive: In 2005 it was possible to employ two new type TO500B855 pumps of the latest design to be operated for another 24 years - without risks or large-scale reconstruction.


Pumps with Channel Impeller Model : B
TO500B855 [ 2 units ]

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