Bar Screen at SBR Plants


Two Tsurumi influent bar screen systems have been installed at wastewater treatment plants in Michigan, U.S.A. The screens installed are model KMS, rear-screen, dry chain type automatic bar screens.

The systems were installed at the Stoneridge, MI 50,000GPD (190M3/D) SBR plant, and at the Lazy Oaks, MI 80,000 GPD (300M3/D) SBR plant. Both plants serve newly developed residential subdivisions.

At both installations, the screen is in an aluminum box suspended from the cover over the equalization tank. This aluminum box has an inlet baffle to reduce inlet flow velocities. During normal operation all the flow goes through the mechanically cleaned bar screen. If maintenance is required, a slide gate diverts the flow through a bypass channel with a manually cleaned bar screen.

The system offers various advantages to plant operators such as, improving collection of floatable items, reducing maintenance time for plant operators, and removing these materials more effectively than grinders or other solutions.


Automatic Bar Screens Model : KM
KMS-series screens [ 2 units ]

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