Franklin Covey Field

Uath, U.S.A.

The Franklin Covey Field is home of the AAA Salt Lake Bees baseball team, which is the affiliate team of the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim !

At the Franklin Covey baseball stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tsurumi pumps solved a very expensive pump maintenance problem. The stadium has three separate duplex pump systems handling the water run off from the field as well as the stadium building. The water contains a good amount of sand and trash which was destroying a competitor's pump at a rate one every three months. Tsurumi Pump distributor in Salt Lake City, proposed that the customer install Tsurumi VANCS model TOK80PU21.5 as a replacement for the pump that was failing.

All the sump applications at this facility have now been converted to Tsurumi VANCS series and have been operating for 4-5 years. Not one of the VANCS pump have required repair or replacement to date.


Resin-made Pumps with Vortex Impeller Model : PU
TOK80PU21.5 [ 3 units ]

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