Wastewater Plant Expansion at Brandix Casualwear

Seeduwa, Sri Lanka

Brandix Casualwear Ltd. is a garment manufacturing company in Sri Lanka with over 15 factories all over the country.

Brandix Casualwear Seeduwa is one of the biggest factories in their chain with over 2300 workers. This factory has a sewage treatment system that was first installed in 2000 with Tsurumi equipment (a capacity for 1400 workers). Last year, the treating capacity was increased for 2400 workers. For expanding the system, the local dealer, Beetech Engineering again succeeded in supply.


Pumps with Cutter Impeller Model : C
TOS50C2.75 [ 2 units ]
Resin-made Pumps with Vortex Impeller Model : PU
50PU2.75 [ 5 units ]
Submersible Aerators Model : TR-series [ 4 units ]

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