Wastewater Treatment in Resort Hotel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

There is a resort hotel that can accommodate 600 guests in Dubrovnik located in the Adriatic Sea coast, Croatia. This hotel has an on-site wastewater treatment facility, as it is not connected to a public sewerage system. Previously, there were two major problems with the compressed aeration system: melting of polyethylene pipes due to high air temperature and the noise generated by the compressors.

To solve these problems, this hotel installed a modular treatment system with polyethylene tanks. A total of six Tsurumi submersible aerators with a 0.75kW motor were installed in the biological water treatment section. Since then, the system has been operating very quietly and without the problem of melting pipes.


Submersible Self-Aspiration Aerators Model : TRN [ 6 units ]

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