Helping a Community Manage Flash Flooding


A particular municipality in Wakayama Prefecture that had been troubled with flash floods caused by downpours asked Tsurumi for help with a pumping facility for managing the impacted location. From the discussions, it was decided to build a new rainwater regulating pit and install four KRS submersible pumps of the energy-saving type. The pumps were also coated in epoxy resin as protection against corrosion, because of the extensive amount of service they were expected to see. During heavy rains, the system pumps the rainwater to the Kinokawa River.

KRS-series pumps are used to drain work sites and pump water in all sorts of applications. For these and other uses, please contact us.


Dewatering Pumps Model : KRS (Energy-Saving, Flange Connection, Epoxy Resin Paint)
KRS2-89 [ 4 units ]

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