Subway Construction in Vienna

Vienna, Austria

A subway extension project was carried out in Vienna, Austria. The project was to elongate the U2 line to the north-east of Vienna.

There is was a working area called "Tunnel U2/2" that was said to be the Europe's biggest ground water lowering project. The tunnel, with a length of 1500m, would be situated in sandy and silty clays, and had to pass underneath 97 buildings. It was located between the river Danube and the Donau Canal, and the contractor had to solve ground water problem.

Tsurumi pumps were used because of their reliability ensuring drainage in 24-hour snore mode during the heading works. The Tsurumi pumps have left a footprint here at the city of classical music, too.


Portable Dewatering Pumps Model : LB
LB-480 [ 1 unit ]
Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
KTZ411 [ 1 units ]

Model : KTV
KTV3-55 [ 1 unit ]

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