Holcim Cement Plant

South Africa

Each one of KTZ33.7 and KTZ47.5 pumps were selected by a plant of a cement company in South Africsa. The plant works quarrying and sorts quarried stones into variety of sizes, and these Tsurumi pumps were used for a part of the process to make concrete.

A The KTZ47.5 has been installed at the bottom of the dam in the quarry near the plant. The purpose of using this pump is to pump water from the dam for cleaning and cooling down stones quarried.

The KTZ33.7 was installed under a conveyor-belt which transports quarried stones. It was used to pump out the excess runoff water from stones washing process.


Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
KTZ33.7 [ 1 unit ]
KTZ47.5 [ 1 unit ]

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